Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application mean to use the application in handheld devices like Android , iOS and windows phone. Now in market there is lot of mobile operating systems. There are many OS available ( Operating Systems ) more populars like iOS, Android, Windows 8, Tizen (The OS of Everything) etc..

Mobile applications development are divided two categories

  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Native Mobile Application Development

Native mobile applications to use Objective C language for developing iOS application. And Java for developing Android mobile application.

Developer Enviroment for Native Appliation

  • iOS – Mobile Application needs MAC with Xcode latest version with iOS SDK. Only with the help of xcode the applications for ios are done.Windows won’t support xcode.
  • Android – Mobile applications needs either mac or windows Ecllipse IDE with latest Android SDK
  • Simulators – Both Xcode and Ecillpse has built in simulator to check the applications. For best result need to use Physical devices

Advantages of Native applications

  • Better Perfomance
  • Access of full hardware in API
    Example : Fluid animation, Fast graphics API

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

The hybrid applications are achived by using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Cordova (Phonegap) [ For hardware interation like camera, native alerts, Mail]. There is an webview for android to display the page. and UIWebView for iOS.

Codova has lot of community support to develop plugins.


  • Write once and deploy in many platforms [ iOS, Android and Windows ]

Best Tools for hybrid mobile application

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