HTML5 – UI Developer interview questions

HTML5 UI Developer Interview Questions

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Recently i have switched my job in HTML5. Now working for Capgemini as a Hybrid mobile app developer ( HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript ). Questions are pretty much same for UI Developer and Front End Developer. There is good hope on HTML5.

Here some of HTML5 CSS and Jquery Javascript Interview questions.

1. Box Model
2. Absolute positioning
3. Resposive Design concept
4. Resposive vs Fixed design vs fluid vs Adaptive Design
5. Doctype – in HTML5 and HTML4
6. Purpose of Doctype
7. Resposive Design using framework and without using framework
8. App cache in HTML5
9. Difference between HTML5 and HTML4
10.Advanatges of HTML5 and css3
11.What are the new in CSS3
12. SVG and Canvas
13. New selectors in CSS3
14.Local storage vs session storage
15. Explain Bootstrap grid system
16. HTML5 tag support in IE8
17. CSS media Quries
18. Block level and inline elements in HTML
19. Latest vesrion in jquery
20. Jquery No conflict
21. Define CDN
22. Page Loading optimization
23. Learn Jquery functions
24. Diffence b/w on(), bind() and live() in jquery
25. == and === in javascript
26. Basics of javascripts
Note : Question Expectation : 3-5 Years Exp
Apart from this if you are good at Bootstrap and Angular prepare for it.
If any more on this mail me :  kt[dot]rajasekar[at]gmail[dot]com
Good Luck ;>