UI Developer AngularJS Interview Questions

UI Developer AngularJS Interview Questions

UI Developer AngularJS Interview Questions. This questions for companies like Capgemini, Infosys, TCS, Accenture, Born Group, Oracle and HCL UI Developer AngularJS interviews.

  1. Angularjs components
  2. Features & Advantages of angularjs
  3. Constants variable ?
  4. How to create separate components ?
  5. Difference type of directives ?
  6. What is controller & how to use it ?
  7. What is scope?
  8. Form validation in AngularJS ?
  9. What is service?
  10. What is factory?
  11. Difference between service & factory ?
  12. What is $apply function in angularjs ?
  13. What is $digest function in angularjs ?
  14. How to make custom directive ?
  15. Any own directive you have created?
  16. What is ng-include, ng-class, ng-repeat?
  17. What is dependancy injection?
  18. What is routing in angularjs?
  19. What is single page application?
  20. How do you create own filter in angularjs ?
  21. How do you call rest api in angularjs ?
  22. Angular js events ?
  23. What is mvvm?
  24. What is angular controllers?
  25. What is a $watch?
  26. What is ng-model in angularjs?
  27. What are directives?
  28. What are the different types of directive?
  29. Angularjs interceptors ?
  30. What is ng-app in angularjs?
  31. What is ng-init in angularjs?
  32. What is injector?
  33. What is string interpolation in angularJS?
  34. What is linking function?
  35. What are the concept of scope hierarchy?
  36. Difference between angular.Js and backbone.Js?

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How to add Custom Fields (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin in wordpress – Custom Field suite

Custom fields are more important for WordPress. ACF – Advanced Custom Fields
is a good. But there is no repeater functionality with free. We have to pay for custom field repeater in our WordPress site

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  • loop – ACF Repeater free (repeatable fields)
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  • Export and Imports options

How to install

  • Download Custom Field Suite
  • Activate in plugins
  • Dashboard – Field groups
  • Create Field Group
  • Use it in theme template. Below code is an good example with Custom field repeater

Single field custom data

get( 'first_name' ); ?>

Loop – Repeater custom fields 

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More Information on Repeater custom fields