Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application mean to use the application in handheld devices like Android , iOS and windows phone. Now in market there is lot of mobile operating systems. There are many OS available ( Operating Systems ) more populars like iOS, Android, Windows 8, Tizen (The OS of Everything) etc..

Mobile applications development are divided two categories

  • Native Mobile Application Development
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Native Mobile Application Development

Native mobile applications to use Objective C language for developing iOS application. And Java for developing Android mobile application.

Developer Enviroment for Native Appliation

  • iOS – Mobile Application needs MAC with Xcode latest version with iOS SDK. Only with the help of xcode the applications for ios are done.Windows won’t support xcode.
  • Android – Mobile applications needs either mac or windows Ecllipse IDE with latest Android SDK
  • Simulators – Both Xcode and Ecillpse has built in simulator to check the applications. For best result need to use Physical devices

Advantages of Native applications

  • Better Perfomance
  • Access of full hardware in API
    Example : Fluid animation, Fast graphics API

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

The hybrid applications are achived by using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Cordova (Phonegap) [ For hardware interation like camera, native alerts, Mail]. There is an webview for android to display the page. and UIWebView for iOS.

Codova has lot of community support to develop plugins.


  • Write once and deploy in many platforms [ iOS, Android and Windows ]

Best Tools for hybrid mobile application

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HTML5 – UI Developer interview questions

HTML5 UI Developer Interview Questions

Hi Folks,

Recently i have switched my job in HTML5. Now working for Capgemini as a Hybrid mobile app developer ( HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript ). Questions are pretty much same for UI Developer and Front End Developer. There is good hope on HTML5.

Here some of HTML5 CSS and Jquery Javascript Interview questions.

1. Box Model
2. Absolute positioning
3. Resposive Design concept
4. Resposive vs Fixed design vs fluid vs Adaptive Design
5. Doctype – in HTML5 and HTML4
6. Purpose of Doctype
7. Resposive Design using framework and without using framework
8. App cache in HTML5
9. Difference between HTML5 and HTML4
10.Advanatges of HTML5 and css3
11.What are the new in CSS3
12. SVG and Canvas
13. New selectors in CSS3
14.Local storage vs session storage
15. Explain Bootstrap grid system
16. HTML5 tag support in IE8
17. CSS media Quries
18. Block level and inline elements in HTML
19. Latest vesrion in jquery
20. Jquery No conflict
21. Define CDN
22. Page Loading optimization
23. Learn Jquery functions
24. Diffence b/w on(), bind() and live() in jquery
25. == and === in javascript
26. Basics of javascripts
Note : Question Expectation : 3-5 Years Exp
Apart from this if you are good at Bootstrap and Angular prepare for it.
If any more on this mail me :  kt[dot]rajasekar[at]gmail[dot]com
Good Luck ;>

How to install phonegap or Cordova in mac

How to install cordova (phonegap) in Mac

How to Install Cordova phonegap in Mac

PhoneGap – An framework which converts your HTML5,CSS3 and Javascript into Android, IOS and windows application. With the knowledge of Front end technologies using phonegap we can develop cutting edge mobile application.

Phonegap is also know an Cordova, With Cordova we can access native application futures like access camera, Contacts, network, Battery status by using cordova plugins.

Here easy steps how to install cordova ( PhoneGap ) in Mac

Installing Cordova Phonegap on Mac

  • Install node.js from here []
  • Install git from here []
  • Open Terminal from Mac os
  • In Terminal prompt [ sudo npm install -g cordova ] prompt for current user and password take some time
    Possible Errors – Error: CERT_UNTRUSTED
    Solution: Its because of SSL Issue
    “ npm config set strict-ssl false and npm config set registry
    “ and continue step 4

Your installation done.