How to add flexslider 2 jquery in magento

Add flexslider in magento

The Steps will show you how to add flexslider 2 in magento.

Note: Make sure that jquery latest version used in your magento theme.

1. Download flexlider js and css files from Flexslider

2. Open page.xml from \app\design\frontend\default\your_template\layout\page.xml

3. Add following code in page.xml


4. Add Html code where you need slider

5. In custom js add below code

jquery(window).load(function() {

Note: Add you css and js files in your theme skin folder
Platform :Magento Community Edition

Magento search exact phrase Product name

How to fix Magento search exact phrase word

When i am looking for the solution there is many oops. Finally i got a solution. Given below works well.

Copy the file from

In the new file, change the line 331

$likeCond = ‘(‘ . join(‘ OR ‘, $like) . ‘)’;


$likeCond = ‘(‘ . join(‘ AND ‘, $like) . ‘)’;

That’s it. It works well. If any comment below.

Version : Magento Community Version 1.7