How to add Custom Fields (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin in wordpress – Custom Field suite

Custom fields are more important for WordPress. ACF – Advanced Custom Fields
is a good. But there is no repeater functionality with free. We have to pay for custom field repeater in our WordPress site

Alternative for ACF – Advanced Custom Fields

Custom field suite (Free) plugin helps you to make your WordPress easy.


  • loop – ACF Repeater free (repeatable fields)
  • Free Plugin
  • Easy to use (wysiwyg) to create fields.
  • Beginner PHP code level enough to use
  • Export and Imports options

How to install

  • Download Custom Field Suite
  • Activate in plugins
  • Dashboard – Field groups
  • Create Field Group
  • Use it in theme template. Below code is an good example with Custom field repeater

Single field custom data

get( 'first_name' ); ?>

Loop – Repeater custom fieldsĀ 

 $fields = CFS()->get( 'gallery' );
  foreach ( $fields as $field ) {
  echo $field['slide_title'];
  echo $field['upload'];

More Information on Repeater custom fields